African Flooded Grassland

Water availability and annual/seasonal plant production is highly variable in flooded grassland ecosystems and shifts between smaller and larger wetland areas throughout the regions. Three regions of flooded grassland exist in Africa: Nile delta, Saharan-Sudd, and Zambezian flooded grasslands. The Nile Delta, located in Egypt, extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Aswan High Dam along the Nile River. Dams and expanding agriculture have altered the floodplain extensively throughout the last century. The Sudd is one of the largest floodplains in Africa, fed by White Nile overflows during the rainy season. It is situated in the north-central section of Africa and borders the Sahelian region. The Zambezian flooded grasslands are spread throughout the south-central section of Africa in countries such as Zambia and Botswana. These areas are home to a wide array of avian and mammalian wildlife and include famous areas such as the Okavango Delta.