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Wildfires rolling across the African savannah. A hunter calling in an elk on a mountain meadow. Mongolian herders gathering their goats for the night. Reindeer herds grazing on the arctic tundra. These are all scenes that could be happening somewhere “out there” in the world’s arid wild lands, also known as rangelands.

Vast natural landscapes in the form of grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, and deserts: rangelands are the wild open spaces that cover about half of the earth’s land. Rangelands are known by many names across the globe including prairies, shrublands, deserts, woodlands, savannas, chaparral, steppe, and tundra.

Rangelands provide a vast array of resources, products and values, including forage for livestock, habitat for wildlife, clean water, renewable energy, recreational opportunities, open space, and magnificent vistas.

This website is designed for those interested in or curious about the diverse lands and cultures of rangelands to go on a virtual adventure in search of the connections that bring these landscapes together.

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**This Rangeland Exploration was made possible by USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant No. 2010-38411-21370 “Repositioning Rangeland Education for a Changing World.”

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