Here we discuss the rangelands of Eurasia, an area which we describe as the continuous land extending between eastern Russia and China across to western Norway and France and south through Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula (and including the prominent islands of Iceland and Japan). Many people argue that Asia and Europe should be separate continents, while others believe the land mass to be one continent, Eurasia. The original delineation is derived from Greek mariners who separated the land east and west of the complex interior waterway extending from the Mediterranean up through the Black Sea into Europe and Asia(1). However, the narrowest point of land between the eastern coast of China and the western coast of France is approximately 1,300 km (808 mi) long. Therefore, in this website we consider the land classified as Europe and Asia to be one continent, Eurasia. The Eurasian continent has a very heterogeneous distribution of biomes with a large diversity in both floral and faunal species. Some of the most famous mountains in the world, the Himalayas, exist within Eurasia's central interior in addition to a plethora other large ranges. The variable topography affects a large percent of the continent's biomes.

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